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Cordelia Pink

Cordelia Pink

The fabulous colours of the Cordelia give you a fresh and youthful look

Several technologies come together to make an extraordinary pair of shoes

The Flexiknit upper is seamless, breathable, and infinitely stylish

The insole is engineered with Recomat technology

No matter what your workout is, the insoles will revert to their original shape

The light Athlite soles enhance your natural movement

It is the perfect shoe for walking long distances

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SKU OCW-009-01
The bright hue of the Cordelia turns heads and adds a fresh young touch to your outfit. The Flexiknit upper is seamless, breathable and moulds to the movement of your feet. The insole is engineered with Recomat technology. Recomat insoles ricochet back to their original shape no matter what your workout! Feel comfortable and look cool and stylish in this fabulous walking shoe from Off Limits. Perfect for long strolls and athleisure looks.

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