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Hawk Black / Sea Green

Hawk Black / Sea Green

As low as ₹1,499.00

A shoe that embodies the idea that class is timeless

Engineered with Flexiknit uppers, it gives you a cosy and snug fit

It stays breathable and flexible at the same time

It is a beast that will adapt to any and all movement

The UltraHop 10.6 technology in the sole gives you reflexive cushioning

It imitates the flow of your stride, providing extra support

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The Hawk is engineered with Flexiknit and UltraHop 10.6 technologies. Flexiknit technology in the upper of the shoe makes it snug, seamless and able to adapt to any kind of movement. This is the upper that stick with you through thick and thin, and provides unconditional support! UltraHop 10.6 in the sole is developed with reflexive cushioning that mimics the flow of your stride. Thus it supports and cushions every movement of your feet. The Hawk has a stylish contrast lining and logo, and a textured upper that come together to create a suave new look.


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