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Rapid Navy

Rapid Navy

Take the stress away from working out with the Rapid

It is a shoe designed to give you comfort with every step you take

The knitted upper is flexible and gives your feet the room to breathe

The soles are sturdy and give you maximum support

The design elements on its sides and dual-toned shoe will make you stand out

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SKU ORM-0177-1

Rapid is a dependable and sturdy shoe that endures the hardest of situations. This shoe has been created to last with its flexible upper and strong sole. It has a streamlined shape to provide you with a better, more snug fit, so that every step you take in it will feel properly cushioned. The upper is extremely flexible and yet it protects your feet from things like dirt and dust. The sole has been crafted to absorb all kinds of impact and keep you safe. You can soar ahead with this shoe as it endures the pressure of gruelling workouts. The monotone upper is simple and classic, making it the perfect shoe for regular usage. It is available in Grey and Navy.


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