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Josh Lt Grey

Josh Lt Grey

Josh makes simplicity look suave and sexy with its unique design

Flexiknit uppers are crafted to give you superior comfort

They are snug, flexible, breathable, and follow your movements

The insoles are crafted with UltraHop 10.6 technology

They are all about giving you cushioning and support that is out of this world

The texture and contrast branding of the shoe makes it look completely unique

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Josh is a pair of shoes that is all about functionality and superior comfort. It has been knitted to perfection with our innovative Knitwear technology. The upper is completely flexible, aiding your movement and making you faster. It also gives your feet plenty of room to breathe as you work out. The sturdy sole is all about the perfect grip as it helps you sustain your hold over all kinds of terrain. This is a shoe that is best for everyday use as it is meant to last long and endure the most stressful situations. Make it your regular gym pair for it is a shoe that can take everything you throw at it.


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