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Wing 2.0 Navy/LT Blue

Wing 2.0 Navy/LT Blue

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Efficiency, speed, and performance, all rolled into one

Wing 2.0 is a sports shoe made for those who want to succeed

Its sleek, slim design is meant to fit snugly on your feet

The dual-toned knitted upper is flexible and breathable

The design element on the sides add a stylish edge

And the bright inner lining is bound to grab everyone’s attention

Available in Black/Red, Dark Grey/Sea Green, and Navy/Light Blue

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Wing 2.0 is a shoe that has been created to help you exceed your own limitations and succeed. The design of this shoe gives you extra support and cushioning all around your feet. Its upper has been thoughtfully knit to give you better flexibility and breathability. The shoe helps you move faster by ensuring you feel lightweight. It is a pair of efficient sports shoes because it has been designed to last even after being put through the most difficult training. Its durability comes from its sole that is sturdy, thick, and has added bounce that gives you a spring in your step. The ombre pattern of its upper and contrasting inner make it a striking pair. It is available in Dark Grey/Sea Green, Black/Red and Navy/Light Blue.


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