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Zoom 2.0 Navy / Maroon

Zoom 2.0 Navy / Maroon

As low as ₹1,999.00

The dual-toned upper is quirky and youthful, creating an energetic feel

Knitted to give you a snug feel, it is flexible and constantly comfortable

The insoles, crafted with UltraHop technology give you supreme cushioning

They imitate the movement of your feet and the flow of your stride

With their cushioning, you minimise the possibility of injuries

The soles are engineered with Rebound technology

Developed with a special rubber compound they have the right level of toughness

And they have an extra spring in them to help you cross your hurdles

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The Zoom 2.0 has a two tone knitted upper that creates a feel of energy and activity! The PU design component stripes on the sides add a stylish edge. The shoe has an Ultrahop technology insole. These are developed with reflexive cushioning to mimic the movement of your feet and to adapt and provide cushioning to matter what the movement. This minimises injury. The soles are engineered with Rebound technology. Meticulously developed to be at just the right level of toughness, these soles are made with a special rubber compound to give you an extra spring to cross all your hurdles!


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