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Fast Black

Fast Black

As low as ₹2,999.00

The definitive fitness shoe with the combination of style and technology

A mix of technologies give you maximum comfort

Athlite soles reduce the weight of the shoe and give you a featherlight feel

Recomat insoles revert to their original shape after the most strenuous usage

Get sturdy, durable cushioning for your feet

Flexiknit uppers are supple, adaptive, and seamless

The shoe adapts to your feet’s shape and natural movement

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SKU ORM-007-01
The Speed has a chic two-tone upper that adds a suave edge to the shoe. The contrast branding and laces also stand out. Aside from simply looking stylish, the Speed has a mix of technologies to ensure maximum comfort. Athlite technology soles are the lightest soles in the world. They reduce the weight of the shoe to give a featherlight feel. Recomat technology in the insole is engineered to revert to its original shape no matter what the usage or wear. This ensures sturdy, durable cushioning for your feet. Lastly, Flexiknit technology uppers are supple, seamless and adaptive. The upper moulds to adapt to the shape and natural movement of your foot. The essential combination of style and technologically enhanced comfort, the Speed is the definitive fitness shoe.

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