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Panther Grey/Teal

Panther Grey/Teal

As low as ₹1,899.00

Sleek and elegant, the Panther is just like its namesake

The upper is knitted with complementing colours to create a harmonious look

The Flexiknit technology of the upper is crafted to give you an uninhibited feel

It can move and adapt to the tiniest of movements you make

The insole is imbued with UltraHop 10.6 technology

The reflexive cushioning supports and cushions all your movements

It maximizes comfort and minimizes injury!

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The quirky pattern of this shoe is so trendy it immediately makes you a diva. The dual-toned upper with its contrasting colours ensures that you're the showstopper, just like the beast it has been named after. Its design, however, is multifunctional in its purpose and serves more than looks. It has been crafted with Ultrahop technology that gives you intuitive cushioning. The shoe adapts to any spontaneous movement, making it a superior sports shoe when compared to others. The insole has maximum cushioning that gives you adaptive comfort. It also mimics your movements and the flow of your stride to help you better. It is available in Black/Red and Grey/Teal.


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