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Terrain Black

Terrain Black

As low as ₹2,299.00

The Terrain makes the most intense workout look like a piece of cake

Its insoles are designed with Recomat technology

They stay the same, no matter what the duration or intensity of your workout is

They have been crafted to revert to their original shape

The Athlite soles are super light and shock absorbent too

They adapt to the terrain to help you minimise injury

Rock them with an athleisure outfit or make them your go-to gym shoes

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The Terrain has insoles designed with Recomat technology. These insoles ricochet back into shape, no matter the duration or intensity of your workout! The insoles have maximum cushioning for a delightful ride. The Soles are made with shock-absorbent, super light Athlite technology. Not only do the adapt to the terrain and absorb shocks to minimise injury, they are also the lightest soles in the world. Pair this shoe with joggers and a tee for an Athleisure look, or wear them to the gym and rock your next workout!


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